random BE A FROG — It would be great if someone was able to go through life without lifting a single finger or having others waiting on their beck and call. However, that person will be like a tadpole in a lake. That tadpole will never know that there is a whole other world outside of that lake. Because a person goes through struggles and hardships, he or she will be able to transform into a frog that is able to go on land and see everything the world has to offer. ... [more from Growth Mindset Thoughts]
random TAKE IT AND RUN WITH IT — This past semester I had a 30 minute technical presentation for my internship. I presented in front of almost 75 engineers and geologists and received some negative feedback (along with positive of course). I really had to take this to heart and realize they were not doing this to make fun of me, but simply to help me in my future career. If it is negative, take it and run with it. Change what people are seeing is negative and become better. ... [more from Growth Mindset Thoughts]
random PASSION, NOT STRESS — I think it so important to set goal for yourself and visualize what you are working for when you are in college, otherwise the endless hours of studying and assignments will burn you out. If you lose sight of why you are doing what you are doing, you will constantly feel stressed, and stress is not good for your health. Instead, use your goals to motivate and drive you so the energy you are putting behind your work is passion, not stress. ... [more from Growth Mindset Thoughts]
random I LOVE CHALLENGES — I can relate to the study Dweck did when she asked students after a test how they would react for the next exam and some said they are more likely to cheat instead of just study harder. I have seen this time and time again in college. If you can't beat it, cheat it. I feel like this is a horrible way to attack a challenge. I love challenges but I would be lying if I got excited and optimistic every time I was faced with one. ... [more from Growth Mindset Thoughts]
random DON'T BERATE US — Those of today's younger generations are often chastised for the need for constant validation, called "too soft" and "overly-sensitive." Lest we forget, the participation ribbons and certificates and fifth-grade graduations and even the grading system itself that the younger generation has grown up to expect was, in fact, established by those older than us. I received participation trophies as a child…I never asked for them. ... [more from Growth Mindset Thoughts]
random THE VOICE IN YOUR HEAD — You know how we all have that little voice in our heads? When I was little my voice was always gnawing at me, and it always tended to exaggerate my flaws. But I found that talking myself up after things that didn't go my way helped so much more than trying to make myself feel terrible about everything that I couldn't do. This decision has allowed me to be able to accomplish things I had no idea I could do until I tried. ... [more from Growth Mindset Thoughts]
random STEPPING STONES — I've recently picked up the sport of triathlons. There were many times where when I was training, I was just trying to finish the workout I had set for myself to do. I think that I could apply growth mindset to my goal of becoming a better triathlete and preparing for my future triathlons. That way, I won't look at the individual workouts as something to get over with, but as stepping stones to the bigger goal at hand. ... [more from Growth Mindset Thoughts]
random I AM HERE TO LEARN — When I entered high school, my self-esteem plummeted; I was used to being the smart one because I turned my test in first or didn’t have to study, and suddenly having the option to take challenging courses made me feel like a failure when I did not receive all As or took the longest on a test or quiz. I need to remind myself that I am here to learn, and that challenges, while uncomfortable, will make me better. ... [more from Growth Mindset Thoughts]
random TRULY CHALLENGING WORK — School work, especially math and science, was very easy for me. I grasped concepts quickly and excelled academically for years. This posed a large problem when I began college. I had never been challenged, nor had I needed to spend extra time on homework. I had gotten so used to everything coming easily and quickly, and I shut down at the first sign of truly challenging work. This has taken a long time to overcome. ... [more from Growth Mindset Thoughts]
random DOING IT FOR YOURSELF — Although I normally don't care what people think about me, I will admit sometimes I am afraid of what my parents want from me. I know that it is my life but I don't want to let my parents down when it comes to school work. They don't really put any pressure on me but rather I put it on myself to impress them which isn't always a bad thing but instead I need to start doing things for myself instead. ... [more from Growth Mindset Thoughts]
random ROOM TO GROW — My first semester here, I saw my first B AND C. I was devastated, convinced I'd demolished any chances of succeeding in college. I had never heard of growth mindset, but freshman me could've really used some wisdom like that. As time passed, I allowed myself to come to a similar conclusion, that some things will just take me longer to learn, that I had room to grow, that I hadn't failed myself. ... [more from Growth Mindset Thoughts]
random FIND THE MOTIVATION — I can also relate this information to my work place. I work with an acute care physical therapy team and one of the first questions the patient is asked is what their goals are. If they just had a knee replacement and they eventually want to get back to running, we use that information to relate to their treatment. When we do that, patients always seem more motivated and eager to work with us. ... [more from Growth Mindset Thoughts]
random LEARN AND GROW — If you aren't successful the first time, or get defeated, it helps you learn and grow. Now, you have to go out and find the answer or find help or recourses that can get you closer. You might meet some new people or find a new website that it really helpful. It seems nice to get it right away but you will learn so much more if and feel even more accomplished if you had to fight that challenge. ... [more from Growth Mindset Thoughts]
random ROOM FOR IMPROVEMENT — As with anybody, there are some things I'm better at than others. Some, I'm good at but I have to really challenge myself, others come naturally, and still others I'm not sure I'll ever be good at. I do try, however, to challenge myself to improve in every aspect of life (not just academics) where I have room for improvement, which is what's most important about growth mindset in my opinion. ... [more from Growth Mindset Thoughts]
random BE A FRIEND TO YOURSELF — Recently, I discovered some news I did not want to receive. It wasn't necessarily bad, but it wasn't good either. It made me wonder and doubt myself. I wondered if I wasn't good enough. I kept thinking that, but then I realized something: I would never have told my friend that. She's going through the same thing and I would never in my life tell anyone that, so why would I tell myself that? ... [more from Growth Mindset Thoughts]
random PRACTICE AND IMPROVE — I stopped drawing and then I decided to pick up a pencil again. This time I went into it with a different perspective. Instead of lamenting my poor progress, I'd just practice. I'd stay in my room for hours trying to draw that same thing, knowing that with every failure I get a bit closer to success. Having a growth mindset was the reason I was able to improve my art rather than stop it. ... [more from Growth Mindset Thoughts]
random TRY AGAIN — Transitioning to college from high school was hard for me because I never really had to apply myself to get a good grade. So, coming to college and getting two failing grades in the same semester really threw me for a loop. It was hard for me to recognize that my failing grade didn’t mean I was stupid, it just meant that I needed to approach school from a different angle and try again. ... [more from Growth Mindset Thoughts]
random LEARNING FOR MASTERY — If you want to take a class in order to learn the material and use it in the future, you may have mastery goals; if you want to take a class simply because it is a requirement and you need to pass it, you may have performance goals. Since learning this, I have been aiming to become more involved in mastering material, and now I have a new aim to look for challenges and grow from them. ... [more from Growth Mindset Thoughts]
random POWER OF CHANGE — I have started to work out and let's just say I am not the athletic type. I could not run more than a mile to save my life. I always figured since I never have before, I couldn't now. How wrong I was! I have only been working out for a few weeks and already I can run a few miles without stopping! This is just a testament to how changing your view can seriously change your outcomes! ... [more from Growth Mindset Thoughts]
random WORKING TO LEARN — I graduated high school as a valedictorian but made a C in my very first college class. If you ask me now why I believe I struggled, I think I would say because I had the wrong mindset. I wasn't working to learn; I was working to perform at the level I always had. Since then, I have made a vow to myself to approach college differently, and I am loving the material I am learning. ... [more from Growth Mindset Thoughts]
random PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE — I teach new hires in the pharmacy. I try very hard to make sure they know that no one is just naturally awesome when they’re first hired. No one knows how to bill insurances and fix errors in the system until they have practiced, practiced, and practiced. Only by learning from experience can someone look into the system and go “oh, I know what is wrong, and how to fix it.” ... [more from Growth Mindset Thoughts]
random WHAT OTHERS THINK — My biggest challenge when it comes to learning new things is how others perceive me. I work really hard and have always put a lot on my plate. However, others seemed to care more about my grades than I do. People would make bets on my test scores or make comments like “Oh, of course she made a 100 on that test, why bother asking” so then I would feel worse when I didn’t. ... [more from Growth Mindset Thoughts]
random RELAX YOUR MIND — My father is a good teacher. When I am stuck on a problem, he always tell me to take a walk outside, go eat something, or just go play. He tells me that I need to relax my mind and let loose because if I am too stress over certain thing, it is difficult to solve the problem. Magically, I often come back with an idea of knowing what to do after listening to his advice. ... [more from Growth Mindset Thoughts]
random TRY BELIEVING IN YOURSELF — If you have ever received a failing grade it is such a hard thing to pick yourself back up from and try again. I've learned that talking to my friends and family about things like that encourage me to try and do my best. The mind is such a powerful thing. Try believing in yourself and see what new things happen for you. That's the power of a growth mindset. ... [more from Growth Mindset Thoughts]
random HELP A FRIEND — To be able to check if I really know my materials and study well, I decide to help a friend study! I keep telling her that if she needs help trying to understand something, tell me and I will explain things to her as best as I could. Today, I have the exam and was able to go through it with ease. My friend also did quite well, and I am very proud of her! ... [more from Growth Mindset Thoughts]
random GRADES ARE JUST A TOOL — Our education system enforces the importance of a letter grade more than learning. Where is the enjoyment in learning when all we can think about is "I have to do well in order for me to succeed"? This causes some students to go astray and commit acts like cheating. We must not let our grades define us, but use it as a tool to better ourselves. ... [more from Growth Mindset Thoughts]
random FEEDBACK IS BENEFICIAL — One thing I will take from this course is that all feedback does not need to be positive. I have always been nervous to hear negative things about my schooling, athletics, and work, but I now understand that it is extremely beneficial. If all people do is tell you positives, you will never truly get better at things you are average at. ... [more from Growth Mindset Thoughts]
random BLOG COMMENTS — Instead of the professor telling you constantly that you either pass or fail, blog comments allow both the professor and student to challenge you, encourage you and help you. I feel like this form of feedback is also less threatening because at the end of the day, you can understand that they are just trying to help you get better. ... [more from Growth Mindset Thoughts]
random MOVE ON AND DO BETTER — This growth mindset is really important — not just to me, but for everyone. I think we all place blame on ourselves too harshly because it's us — we have expectations and when we don't meet them, we think about everything that went wrong and how it could have been fixed. But sometimes, all you can do is move on and just do better. ... [more from Growth Mindset Thoughts]
random LEARNING NEW HABITS — As I have been here at OU taking different classes that require different things from me, I have started to develop my own way of doing my school work. I have figured out what methods work for me and what don’t work for me. However, I am still learning and still trying new ways to make my study habits and homework habits better. ... [more from Growth Mindset Thoughts]
random BEING PASSIONATE — Some things this article suggested you do were meet new people, capitalize on your obstacles, and share what you know. By setting aside time to do things you love and talk about things you're passionate about can really help your overall growth mindset. Article: https://hbr.org/2017/04/how-to-spark-creativity-when-youre-in-a-rut ... [more from Growth Mindset Thoughts]
random KEEP GROWING — It is important to never give up on what you are doing. If you give up, you stop learning and therefore growing. You can do wonderful things when you keep going at your full potential. I don't think I have reached my full potential. I think I have more to offer. Everyone always has more to offer if they want to keep growing. ... [more from Growth Mindset Thoughts]
random REMEMBER TO HAVE FUN — I strive to be the best that I possibly can be! With that in mind, I know that this can be a double-edged sword as well because if you're constantly trying to be the best, you risk the chance of enjoying the little things. Sometimes I get so caught up in work and trying to improve my efficiency that I forget to have fun. ... [more from Growth Mindset Thoughts]
random BE AN ENGINEER — This is something I have learned to accept after studying engineering in college. So many times I run into difficult problems that really do seem impossible to fix or impossible to improve but there really is always a way. Everything can be improved regardless of difficulty. I just have to keep reminding myself of that! ... [more from Growth Mindset Thoughts]
random FOCUS ON LEARNING — I know I focus on the grades instead of learning. There is a lot of pressure on me to get good grades because of scholarships and sorority requirements, so I am always stressing. I think if I would focus on learning things rather than getting questions right on a test, I could do much better and would be less stressed. ... [more from Growth Mindset Thoughts]
random REMEMBER YOUR WHY — Always remember your why. If you can see the bigger picture, like the sick kid in the hospital you are going to need to give medicine to when you’re a nurse working the night shift, and you’re going to need to know how to do it because his life is at stake, so that is why studying for that nursing exam is so important. ... [more from Growth Mindset Thoughts]
random FACING CHALLENGES — Challenges are healthy and help us live up to the best versions of ourselves. This is something that I really appreciate also because in my major there are a ton of conflicts and problems that are difficult to solve or even attempt to solve, and it is important to face these challenges with an open and positive mind. ... [more from Growth Mindset Thoughts]
random TEAMWORK — Overall, I want to work in a team. If I work in a team, my growth mindset can develop because I am willing to listen to others to learn more from them as well as helping each other out. What the growth mindset is doing in teamwork is that it is forming a connection between mentorship as well as learning new things! ... [more from Growth Mindset Thoughts]
random NOT YET — I work at a church in Oklahoma City, and we do assessments at the end of the semesters. In these assessments, we look into where we have grown and where we have lacked growth. My leaders would give me a "not yet" score on some of the areas of my work, so that I am encouraged to continue to grow each and every day. ... [more from Growth Mindset Thoughts]
random ACCEPT THE POSITIVE — If someone says "your hair looks nice today," I immediately wonder why it didn't look nice the day before or the day before that, instead of accepting the compliment. But if we keep practicing positive habits and thoughts, it can become a regular thing in our lives. Try to see the good in everything and everyone. ... [more from Growth Mindset Thoughts]
random NO "BLOW OFF" CLASSES — Growing is an important part of life. Growing our mind is part of that growth. Constantly learning new concepts helps us expand our mind. I decided my sophomore year I would never take a class because I thought it was a "blow off" class. I would only take classes where I thought I could get something out of it. ... [more from Growth Mindset Thoughts]
random NEW LEARNING STRATEGIES — I tend to focus mainly on my memorization which can sometimes only be for a little period of time. I need to find better ways to study in order to truly learn something and be able to apply it in a multitude of ways in order to truly use my education for the betterment rather than just trying to get a grade. ... [more from Growth Mindset Thoughts]
random TAKING CHANCES — College in all about getting out of your comfort zone. However, I am a senior and it is so easy for me to just keep going with my normal routines. I find myself doing what I always do, day after day. So, this growth mindset allows me to remember that life is all about doing the unexpected and taking chances. ... [more from Growth Mindset Thoughts]
random FULLY TRUSTING — Relationships require effort. The good thing is, after you do put in this effort, you can reap the benefits of having a long-lasting relationship where you can fully trust the other person and enjoy their company without fear of judgment because this person has seen your highest of highs and lowest of lows. ... [more from Growth Mindset Thoughts]
random GO BACK AND RE-WORK IT — Do not ignore feedback or mistakes; go back and re-work that problem you miss on the test! Do not be discouraged by bad grades or negative feedback because they point out what we are lacking and what we need to improve on, so that we are on the right track of studying or working more effectively! Go you!!! ... [more from Growth Mindset Thoughts]
random PERSONAL VALUES — Women have a lot of self doubt in industries there they are under-represented. I learned that if women make a list of their own personal core values, they tend to do better on exams to the point where it eliminates the gender gap. When we reflect on our personal values, we increase our level of self worth. ... [more from Growth Mindset Thoughts]
random OUTSIDE THE COMFORT ZONE — The power to change one's mind is such an awesome power. I am in a place where I like to be wrong and push myself so far outside of my comfort zone that it has transformed me over the years into a man that can easily accept criticism and even think of myself as growing stronger from the process. ... [more from Growth Mindset Thoughts]
random FIND THE RIGHT STRATEGY — As I got into my core level science courses, I was constantly challenged and felt defeated when I studied hard and did not get the grade I expected. College has taught me that even if you work hard, it will be difficult to succeed in that particular course if you do not have the right strategy. ... [more from Growth Mindset Thoughts]
random CONSTANTLY EVOLVING — A lot of people avoid things they're bad at because of frustration or fear of failure, but you can only improve through experiencing those things. Success would not exist without failure, and a lot of things in life are a constantly evolving process that you get better at as you keep trying. ... [more from Growth Mindset Thoughts]
random ACCEPTING FEEDBACK — A goal I have for this semester is to learn how to accept feedback. It is so easy to get defensive when someone challenges you or questions you, but I want to learn how to accept what they say, see where they are coming from and understand that they are just trying to make me better. ... [more from Growth Mindset Thoughts]
random LEARNING FOR THE FUTURE — I realized I was learning information that would be useful to me in my future career as a Physical Therapist. That's when I truly began to enjoy practicing, studying, reading, and truly learning so that I could always challenge myself to take it one step farther and become smarter. ... [more from Growth Mindset Thoughts]
random WRITING ISN'T WRONG — At first receiving feedback was intimidating and I felt like my writing wasn't good enough, but I have learned to just see it as something that is there to help me improve. It isn't like my writing is "wrong," necessarily it's just that it is not the very best it could be yet. ... [more from Growth Mindset Thoughts]
random PRACTICE SELF-REFLECTION — I think it's really important to compare your past and your present. I like to ask myself how I feel in my classes every week to get a reality check. Some weeks I feel really overwhelmed, and other weeks I feel pretty great about school. This is a self-reflection tactic I use. ... [more from Growth Mindset Thoughts]
random WORKING WITH OTHERS — I tend to be a perfectionist and often if something I was part of, like a group report, was not up to my standards I would just redo it myself. Through both giving and receiving feedback in this class, I feel I have gained a method in which I can provide feedback to others. ... [more from Growth Mindset Thoughts]
random ASK QUESTIONS — I tell the new hires at the pharmacy that it is okay to ask questions. Many people would rather get something wrong than admit that they don’t know how to fix it. In the pharmacy, that doesn’t fly. People die if we make mistakes. If they have a question they need to ask it. ... [more from Growth Mindset Thoughts]
random ASK QUESTIONS — Often, I feel super intimidate trying to ask a TA or my professor a question in person, but once I was able to do it, things start to become easier! If a question is never answered, I will never understand how to work a problem. Therefore, it is important to ask questions. ... [more from Growth Mindset Thoughts]
random RISKS PAY OFF — I am finding motivation inside me. I feel willing to try new things. I am focusing on learning. I am ready for things to change. I am taking a long-term view. I have been taking big risks in my writing and it feels like they have paid off. I feel confident I can improve. ... [more from Growth Mindset Thoughts]
random THINKING AND ACTION — I have a very analytical personality and often spend more time thinking about things before I take action that most people. People often associate a lack of action with laziness but I think it’s important to acknowledge that thinking things through is not a bad thing! ... [more from Growth Mindset Thoughts]
random RETRAIN YOUR BRAIN — Your brain makes new connections, and the more you repeat it, the stronger those connections get. By simply making an effort to focus on the positive aspects of things when something goes wrong, you can actually start to retrain your brain to think more positively! ... [more from Growth Mindset Thoughts]
random THE VALUE OF FAILURE — While it's often hard to see the value in failure there is some. Failure teaches you what not to do and what you can do better. It shows you different ways to get a result and helps propel you into succeeding. The work we do is valuable even if we don't succeed. ... [more from Growth Mindset Thoughts]
random RECOVER FROM ERRORS — I do my best not stressing out about everything that I have to do helps me. I also do my best to not go crazy when I miss an assignment. I simply take a look at all of the extra credit that I can use to recover from my error. This allows my stress levels to drop. ... [more from Growth Mindset Thoughts]
random LEARN TO ADAPT — I’ve learned new study habits and also to be adaptive in each class. For instance, when I take a class I try to find a strategy that will help me learn more for that specific class, which is sometimes much different then how I study for my other classes. ... [more from Growth Mindset Thoughts]
random YOU JUST NEED TO LISTEN — While grades are important they aren't the end-all-be-all and the best chance to grow is to ask questions not only from your professors but from your fellow classmates. There will always be someone who can teach you something, you just need to listen! ... [more from Growth Mindset Thoughts]
random DON'T FORGET TO SMILE — It is easy to get caught up in one's life and forget that smiling is so incredibly important. I think that the power of the growth mindset, for me, comes from the fact that staying positive and knowing that it will be okay is so very important. ... [more from Growth Mindset Thoughts]
random YOU ARE NOT A FAILURE — I think that professors and teachers throughout all types of education system should be advocates of the growth mindset system. It would allow the student to know that they have so much more. Just because you fail once it does not define you. ... [more from Growth Mindset Thoughts]
random PUSH FORWARD — This motto means a lot to me because I have been through quite a few obstacles this year. I just have to take a breath and push myself forward to take the challenge even when life sets me back. TOUGH TIMES NEVER LAST, BUT TOUGH PEOPLE DO. ... [more from Growth Mindset Thoughts]
random GIVE YOURSELF CREDIT — I think the biggest thing for me is not comparing myself to others. I always do that, and I am not where other people are, but they are not where I am either. We all have our own strengths and sometimes I forget to give credit to my own. ... [more from Growth Mindset Thoughts]
random MY OWN PACE — The concept of "not yet" has taken so much pressure and stress off my shoulders. I realized I do not need to rush into trying to learn everything. I can learn on my own pace, and the results of that are better grades and achievements. ... [more from Growth Mindset Thoughts]
random PRAISE THE EFFORT — I have always heard people talk about how they always got A's in high school, but once they hit college, they no longer felt smart anymore because they did not get A's. People get praised for the grade, but not for the effort itself. ... [more from Growth Mindset Thoughts]
random ART OF ASKING QUESTIONS — Something I need to implement in my everyday life is the art of asking questions. I've always been one to keep it simple and go with the flow, but if I were to ask more questions, I could gain more knowledge and break out of my box. ... [more from Growth Mindset Thoughts]
random DO IT NOW — Instead of procrastinating, we need to use the present time! It's hard to not push things off, but in the end, now is better than later! Doris Lessing: Whatever you're meant to do, DO IT NOW. The conditions are always impossible. ... [more from Growth Mindset Thoughts]
random NOT YET — When you fail at something or struggle with something it is easy to see yourself as a failure, but when you introduce the idea "not yet" it is easier for you to see that while I don't understand it or know it now, I can learn. ... [more from Growth Mindset Thoughts]
random EVERYTHING IS A STORY — "Writing positively daily will change your life." I have been writing daily and it has been changing my life. It is changing how I think and by proxy, who I am. That is powerful. I think of everything as a potential story. ... [more from Growth Mindset Thoughts]
random DON'T JUST MEMORIZE — Rather than just memorizing something just for the sake of memorizing, I try to see how it can help me in real life, especially with my future career. I think this mindset is much better, especially for a college student. ... [more from Growth Mindset Thoughts]
random LOOK AT THE BIG PICTURE — We are wired to think negatively, but when we tell ourselves to look at the bigger picture and think about the good things in life, then we are more capable. This negativity can impede our ability to excel and perform. ... [more from Growth Mindset Thoughts]
random CREATIVE CHALLENGES — At my internship this summer, we put it this way: "get comfortable being uncomfortable." Challenges shouldn't be something to just grin and bear, they should be something you actively seek out to make yourself better. ... [more from Growth Mindset Thoughts]
random I MAY STRUGGLE — When I look at subjects with a more positive view than the alternative, I tend to do better. I enjoy studying accounting and like the difficulty, but it can be discouraging when I may struggle more than my classmates. ... [more from Growth Mindset Thoughts]
random BREAK IT DOWN — Give me a huge project and teach me to break it down into little pieces. To be successful, the number one ingredient is determination and a desire to keep pushing through, especially when it seems too big to handle. ... [more from Growth Mindset Thoughts]
random TAKE A BREAK — I often get so caught up in school and work and bills that I don't let my body and mind have the proper rest they require. Sometimes I need to just take a break and come back to whatever I am doing with more energy. ... [more from Growth Mindset Thoughts]
random OTHERS' EXPECTATIONS — With honor societies, parents and professor constantly telling you that grades are the most important thing. It put tremendous pressure on you, which can cause you to feel weighed down by others' expectations. ... [more from Growth Mindset Thoughts]
random SEEKING BALANCE — The strengths and weakness we possess can either balance us out or cause turmoil. We can eliminate a state of turmoil and complacency by focusing on the areas that need the greatest amount of improvement. ... [more from Growth Mindset Thoughts]
random WHAT OTHERS THINK — I used to worry about what others thought of myself and sometimes, I still do. I've learned over time that it doesn't matter what others may think, because that is their thought process and not our own. ... [more from Growth Mindset Thoughts]
random STRETCH AND STRIVE — It is good to stretch out and strive for a difficult goal. This allows a person to grow without feeling like they are failing if you look at your progress instead of focusing on the end result. ... [more from Growth Mindset Thoughts]
random ASK QUESTIONS — In college a very important thing I learned was to ask questions! Ask lots of questions! I know that if I am ever confused I always email my professors right away with the questions I have. ... [more from Growth Mindset Thoughts]
random CHALLENGE YOURSELF — If you only do what is easy, you will never grow. The growth mindset is all about taking on challenges and growing. If something is easy to you, that means you aren't challenging yourself. ... [more from Growth Mindset Thoughts]
random PRACTICE FAILURE — Practice failure. It sounds harsh, but it's really not. This means to fail, and fail some more until you've reached your ability to be comfortable in challenging environments and setbacks. ... [more from Growth Mindset Thoughts]
random IMAGINE YOUR GOAL — Sometimes when you run into an obstacle and you get pushed back, you start to forget why you were trying so hard in the first place so it helps to take a step back and imagine your goal. ... [more from Growth Mindset Thoughts]
random "YET" CHANGES EVERYTHING — While I might feel nervous completing some tasks, I still hope that I'll get it right eventually. So I always think, "I can't do it... yet." And the word "yet" alone changes everything. ... [more from Growth Mindset Thoughts]
random FOCUS ON THE POSITIVE — We are naturally wired to focus in on the negative things going on around us. But we can help our brains counter this by being mindful of the positive things going on around us. ... [more from Growth Mindset Thoughts]
random WE NEED OTHERS — We truly cannot grow as people without feedback. If we could reach our fullest potential all by ourselves, we wouldn't need school, or parenting, or mentors, or advice. ... [more from Growth Mindset Thoughts]
random DON'T BE AFRAID TO TRY — If you think you can do something, you aren't afraid of failure and typically it gets done. If you're too afraid to try, you may never even get your foot out the door. ... [more from Growth Mindset Thoughts]
random NOT PERFECT — I am slowly learning and definitely growing with the idea that failure IS an option and that is okay. We all have our imperfections but that is what makes us human. ... [more from Growth Mindset Thoughts]
random PROGRESS IN DISGUISE — Failure is just progress in disguise, because for every time I fail I am that much closer to succeeding. Be positive and focus on the great progress you are making! ... [more from Growth Mindset Thoughts]
random CREATE A COMMUNITY — I feel like growth mindset is the best way to create an all-inclusive community of learning and to avoid disenfranchisement of individuals who may feel inadequate. ... [more from Growth Mindset Thoughts]
random TRY OUT DIFFERENT STRATEGIES — The growth mindset motivates me to try out different learning strategies when a method I previously used to study for an exam did not work out as expected. ... [more from Growth Mindset Thoughts]
random DON'T RUSH — Don't always try to rush through things the same way; take a step back and think of other ways to solve something and it might be easier in the long run. ... [more from Growth Mindset Thoughts]
random FEARLESS — I want to continue to grow in the regions of creativity and the process of getting ideas on paper. I want to be fearless about my writing and improve. ... [more from Growth Mindset Thoughts]
random JUST START — The hardest part about anything in life, whether it be a homework assignment or something big, is to start. To start is the hardest part of anything. ... [more from Growth Mindset Thoughts]
random KEEP PUSHING — Defeat can be hurtful, and it can cause us to want to give up, but we have to keep pushing and be persistent in order to obtain success. ... [more from Growth Mindset Thoughts]
random IT FEELS GOOD — A passion for applying growth mindset will make you feel good. I feel a high level of satisfaction when I learn things I did not know. ... [more from Growth Mindset Thoughts]
random THE LEARNING PROCESS — Results are important, but there are many valuable lessons to be obtained from understanding the learning process itself. ... [more from Growth Mindset Thoughts]
random NEXT TIME! — If I fail or don't do the best on an assignment, it doesn't define me but should rather push me to do better next time. ... [more from Growth Mindset Thoughts]
random IT STARTS TODAY — Great effort will always be rewarding, so it starts right away. There’s no “I can do that tomorrow,” there’s today. ... [more from Growth Mindset Thoughts]
random CURIOUS AND EXCITED — I have been feeling generally curious and excited. I am totally open to any feedback. I am always ready to learn. ... [more from Growth Mindset Thoughts]
random SHE BELIEVED SHE COULD — My life motto is, SHE BELIEVED SHE COULD, SO SHE DID, which is a quote by R.S. Grey in her book Scoring Wilder. ... [more from Growth Mindset Thoughts]
random MORE! — Sometimes I limit myself to only what I know, when there is so much more in the world. I want to know more! ... [more from Growth Mindset Thoughts]
random DON'T BLAME YOURSELF — I understand that we're always hard on ourselves and I find myself improving at not blaming myself. ... [more from Growth Mindset Thoughts]